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In the Sam Doesburg Lab at SickKids, I helped develop novel methods to better identify epileptogenic areas of the brain and distinguish it from healthy eloquent cortex.

In the George Ibrahim Lab at SickKids Hospital, I am currently studying the effects of epileptic activity on brain networks both during and between seizures, and developing new treatments to rescue critical network function.

Selected publications

S. Wong, G. Ibrahim, A. Ochi, H. Otsubo, J. Rutka, C. Snead, and S. Doesburg, “moviEEG: An animation toolbox for visualization of intracranial electroencephalography synchronization dynamics,” Clinical Neurophysiology, vol. 127, 2016, pp. 2370–2378.

M. Nakajima, S. Wong, E. Widjaja, S. Baba, T. Okanishi, L. Takada, Y. Sato, H. Iwata, M. Sogabe, H. Morooka, R. Whitney, Y. Ueda, T. Ito, K. Yagyu, A. Ochi, C. Snead, J. Rutka, J. Drake, S. Doesburg, F. Takeuchi, H. Shiraishi, and H. Otsubo, “Advanced dynamic statistical parametric mapping with MEG in localizing epileptogenicity of the bottom of sulcus dysplasia,” Clinical Neurophysiology, vol. 129, 2018, pp. 1182–1191.

L. Hachem, S. Wong, and G. Ibrahim, “The vagus afferent network: emerging role in translational connectomics,”Neurosurgical Focus, vol. 45, 2018, p. E2.

Y. Sato, S. Doesburg, S. Wong, C. Boelman, A. Ochi, and H. Otsubo, “Preictal surrender of post–spike slow waves to spike‐related high‐frequency oscillations (80–200 Hz) is associated with seizure initiation,” Epilepsia, vol. 55, 2014, pp. 1399–1405.

Y. Sato, S. Wong, Y. Iimura, A. Ochi, S. Doesburg, and H. Otsubo, “Spatiotemporal changes in regularity of gamma oscillations contribute to focal ictogenesis,” Scientific Reports, vol. 7, 2017, p. 9362.

G. Ibrahim, S. Wong, R. Anderson, G. Singh-Cadieux, T. Akiyama, A. Ochi, H. Otsubo, T. Okanishi, T. Valiante, E. Donner, J. Rutka, C. Snead, and S. Doesburg, “Dynamic modulation of epileptic high frequency oscillations by the phase of slower cortical rhythms,” Experimental neurology, vol. 251, 2014, pp. 30–8.

Presentations and posters

Pre-stimulus epileptogenic activity predicts task related neural and behavioural response [Oral presentation, SfN Neuroscience 2018]

MEG-based stratification of surgical candidates with intractable epilepsy for vagus nerve stimulation [Poster, BIOMAG 2018]

A clinically-useful animation toolbox for visualization of seizure connectivity dynamics [Oral presentation, AANS Pediatrics 2013]

Brain networks in autism, ADHD, PTSD, and concussion

In the the Margot Taylor Lab at SickKids Hospital, we studied higher-order cognitive processes such as social cognition, emotional face processing, working memory, and cognitive flexibility in children and adolescents, through to older adulthood.

Selected publications

Sato J, Mossad SI, Wong SM, Hunt BAE, Dunkley BT, Smith ML, Urbain C, Taylor MJ. Alpha keeps it together: Alpha oscillatory synchrony underlies working memory maintenance in young children. Dev Cognitive Neurosci 2018;34:114-23.

Safar K, Wong SM, Leung RC, Dunkley BT, Taylor MJ. Increased functional connectivity during emotional face processing in children with autism spectrum disorder. Front Human Neurosci 2018;12.

Dunkley BT, Urban K, Da Costa L, Wong SM, Pang EW, Taylor MJ. Default mode network oscillatory coupling is increased following concussion. Front Neurol 2018;9(APR).

Shah-Basak PP, Urbain C, Wong S, Da Costa L, Pang EW, Dunkley BT, Taylor MJ. Concussion alters the functional brain processes of visual attention and working memory. J Neurotrauma 2018;35(2):267-77.

Dunkley BT, Wong SM, Jetly R, Wong JK, Taylor MJ. Post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic hyperconnectivity in emotional processing. NeuroImage Clin 2018;20:197-204.

Kovarski K, Mennella R, Wong SM, Dunkley BT, Taylor MJ, Batty M. Enhanced early visual responses during implicit emotional faces processing in autism spectrum disorder. J Autism Dev Disord 2018.

Leung RC, Ye AX, Wong SM, Taylor MJ, Doesburg SM. Reduced beta connectivity during emotional face processing in adolescents with autism. Mol Autism 2014;5(1).

Presentations and posters

MEG data do not correlate linearly with fiducial distance nor velocity [Poster, BIOMAG 2018]

The Theory of Mind network: brain connectivity patterns underlying ToM processing in adults [Poster, CAN-ACN 2016]

MEG resting state network connectivity dynamics from childhood to late adulthood [Poster, BIOMAG 2016]

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